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An Expert on Muscle Shoals and Alabama Music History

Writer/photographer Bill Jarnigan, who lives in Florence, one of the four cities of the Muscle Shoals region in Alabama, writes about a variety of subjects. However, he has focused much of his research and writing about the Muscle Shoals recording studios, people from Alabama in all genres of music and Americans in the southern gospel music field, chiefly from the southeastern region of the United States.

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About Bill Jarnigan

Bill Jarnigan’s passion for music has led him to write for prominent newspapers and magazines. Beyond writing, his career has spanned public relations, the entertainment industry and photography. Contact Bill today if you are interested in hiring him to write articles, columns or books about a wide range of topics.

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Cultural Icons

Certain places evoke visceral reactions for music lovers, places like Muscle Shoals, Alabama, Woodstock, New Orleans, Radio City Music Hall, Memphis, Macon, Georgia, or the Grand Ole Opry. These vaulted locations are embedded in our consciousness and culture. They are much more than mere musical cities, venues or studios; they are defining pieces of the world of music. Think about the lyrics of “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd and you will agree. How many other recording studios are called out in a timeless classic rock anthem?

A Dedicated and Proven Writer

It takes a special approach to write about a legendary place like Muscle Shoals and its recording studios. It can only be done justice in the hands of a writer like Bill Jarnigan who combines passion, talent, work ethic and skill into creating stories and articles on this topic and many more.

With his approach, you get way more than a recitation of facts, dates and names. You are immersed in the fabric of the place or issue about which he writes. He combines the details with a touch that brings them to life and paints a picture with words.

Prompt and Polished Prose

Trusting Bill Jarnigan to handle your projects such as speech writing, creating articles and annual reports, not only ensures you of a product of the highest quality, but it is smart business. By securing his services, you save yourself time and effort because he is practiced in the craft of research combined with the art of writing and meeting deadlines. It’s very effective to let a knowledgeable professional do what he does well. 

Much like many professional recording artists relied upon the studio musicians at Muscle Shoals, you would do well to rely on this polished wordsmith.


Contact Bill today to handle all your writing projects as well as Muscle Shoals research in Florence, AL. He serves clients across the nation from his location.

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